Cervantes Hodges Law Firm

Posted on January 11, 2019
Cervantes Hodges Law Firm

Since our inception Cervantes Hodges Law Firm is to focus on cultivating long-term relationships with their clients fondado in sincerity, setting realistic goals and reaching expectations.

Antonio Cervantes H.,

Antonio Cervantes Cervantes-Hodges Hodges Law Firm founded in 2014 after practicing law in California and the federal trials for three years. He is a native of San Diego, has two children and married to his wife Carolina for more than five years. His family has strong roots in the San Diego-Tijuana; depues migrated Arizona State in 1900. His family established business in San Diego and Tijuana, Mexcio since the 1920’s.

For their familiarity with this region, Antonio has a unique perspective based on her with conocimentos, experencia and history. This provides an advantage when it comes to know and understand the reality and the goals of their clients.


We focus on giving solutions to our customers regardless of their immigration status. Our broad scope includes Industrial Accidents, Auto Accidents, Bankruptcy, Immigration, Divorce, Criminal Defense, Unfair Dismissals, Sexual Harassment, among others.


  • Studied law at Liberty University School of Law in Virginia, graduated in 2010.
  • Studies of Psychology & Theology in San Diego Christian College graduate in 2007.
  • Practice license in California, 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, Federal District Court of California.

Why do we do what we do?…

We believe that every person should be able to protect and exercise their rights under the law.

In many cases people suffer terrible injustices that have found someone they can trust and someone who is in their economic reach, to protect their rights provided by law.

We have also seen how the legal industry becomes more a lucrative one system instead of being a humanitarian system. Hodges Cervantes still believe that lawyers should be counselors and assist individuals and families in achieving their legal goals, giving honest legal advice and based on the client’s reality.

Often having no solid legal advice or have a good lawyer to represent confidence will have long consequences.

For these reasons we take the time to know our clients, we strive to meet their legal status, which made them reach their situation and have much capital to achieve their legal goals.

Trusting your lawyer is very important. Trust is not only believe that your lawyer is a good lawyer and will fight for their benefit; trust your lawyer also that to achieve your legal goals do not leave in the bankruptcy. We understand this and know that work hard for your money. For this reason we set our legal strategies in the most economic way, based on their reality without sacrificing quality, saving and sacrificing your legal wishes.

Call whenever you like. We will take our time to know, understand your legal situation and provide an honest, real and economic proposal to get the result you want.


Areas of Practice

Auto Accidents

First is your physical integrity and care for your heritage, is why in Cervantes Hodges Law Firm activate All rights by law you are over 10 years of experience.

You have rights after a Car Accident

  • medical care doctors and specialists
  • Surgeries and hospitalization
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • Fix your car
  • Payment of lost wages
  • Compensation for pain and suffering
  • Special care for life in cases of permanent disability

Personal Accident

California Personal Injury Lawyers

If you have been seriously injured because of the other party, you may be entitled to compensation for their medical expenses and other medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and more.

The law limits the time you have to file a claim, so it is important to talk to an attorney about your rights as soon as possible.

Criminal Matters

Probably the most frightening experience an individual and a family can spend, out of death is to be undergoing a criminal investigation, arrest at his home or business and imprisoned. It is truly a life altering experience. In CHLF we understand this and the importance of having a lawyer who honestly and realistically represent you during these difficult times.

And we continue representing clients facing drug charges and conspiracy, money laundering charges, charges of human trafficking and seizures of money / property. These cases are trying to customer because freedom is at stake. For this reason aggressively we explore all available legal theories of defense, given the evidence and circumstances in his case. Some cases are brought to trial while others are resolved. In CHLF, realistic and honestly answer your best interests and will do our best to get the best results in your case.


Cervantes Hodges & Associates understand this dynamic and the importance of getting the best results for our customers and the best interests of minor children, while being respectful of expenses and costs of litigation. For that reason we advise clients to set realistic and honest goals, all within a budget of litigation that will not break the bank.


In CHLF we understand the cost of making an uninformed or misinformed misinformation. That’s why we strive to provide accurate legal advice. This is a time consuming process, which includes researching your immigration records, criminal records and family history. Sometimes the relief you are looking for may be in obtaining citizenship of the United States of a grandparent, or seeking relief may be through its history and residence in the US There are many avenues of relief in immigration law. You need someone the time and effort to aggressively explore all avenues of relief and give honest, realistic, objective advice and engaged.

Planning and Civil Litigation

In CHLF we strive to keep our customers informed every step of the process, considering that an informed customer is enabled, in order to produce better results and meet the objectives of our Customers Customer litigation.

This process is time consuming and requires a team like CHLF, you have the dedication and commitment to achieve their goals can accomplish this.

Worker’s Comp

Most workers are afraid to report an accident at work by auqe fear being fired from his job but in California it is illegal for you to remove your work by accident.

No matter what your legal status and remember you are entitled to financial compensation for your Work Accident plus a payment for your pain and suffering.


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