Healthy Aging - Surviving In Today's World

Healthy Aging – Surviving In Today’s World

(NC)-The older we get, the faster life moves. Unfortunately, as our body ages, we take on the strain of our years. Keeping pace in a hectic world can take its toll. Elderly people need to use extra care to ensure their safety.
When we’re young, we can fall and almost bounce back up. Our bones and muscles are flexible enough to handle extreme sports. Then, age sets in. The warning signs come in brittle bones and weakened muscles. At this point in life, even a simple slip and fall can have disastrous consequences.
What can older people do to safeguard themselves? Seniors need to take steps – cautiously – to a safer way of life.
Maintain a secure footing
Here are some tips for preventing falls around the house.
Make sure carpets and rugs are securely fastened to the floor, especially at the corners.
Don’t over extend yourself to reach objects. Use a stable, secure foot stool to reach high places.
Use a non-slip mat in the bathtub or shower.
Keep a firm grip on handrails while climbing or descending stairs.
Never take unnecessary risks – don’t try to carry more than you can handle, avoid slippery surfaces such as icy sidewalks, and watch where you are walking to avoid pitfalls along the way.
Make your safety back-up plan
Quite often, seniors live alone. They may not have a daily routine that brings them in contact with other people. For people in this situation, a fall or other mishap at home could lead to catastrophe unless a safety plan is in place.
Here’s a good solution. Arrange to speak to a specific person every day. A friend, family member, neighbour or care provider can be your direct link to safety. If you have a friend who also lives alone, make it a daily habit to keep in touch – even for a brief moment. A simple phone call will do. Have a set time for the call so that if one person doesn’t hear from the other, they get help right away.
Treat drugs with respect
Many seniors require medication on a daily basis. Though drugs may be an essential element of your healthy lifestyle, always remember that medication can be dangerous in the wrong hands.
Always dispose of unused medications by flushing them down a toilet.
Never take prescription medicine intended for someone else.
Always keep medicine in its original container, with dosage and instructions clearly labelled.
Keep a log of when prescription medicines are taking for reference by someone else should you be unable to take your medicine yourself.
Never let medical conditions go unattended. If your prescription medicine doesn’t seem to be effective, call your doctor or pharmacist immediately.
Living a safe and healthy lifestyle will help you enjoy your senior years. For more than a century, St. John Ambulance has been helping Canadians make the most of their life through first aid training and quality products. To learn more, contact the office nearest you or visit us on the Internet at